Web Consulting

As the Internet continues to grow and develop, the complex demands for Web site functionality are ever-increasing. We offer programming and development services to assist you in producing dynamically generated content for your Web site. In the past, such development has included everything from custom shopping scripts and form processors, to mailing list administration and database access.

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The Basics

Web Consulting encompasses more than just building or hosting websites. ImagiWare simplifies your entire online marketing systems and strategies by making it easier for a business to use and implement.

Consulting services we practice

Our consultants have used the following to provide solutions for our customers, as well as added features for our Web Hosting service:

  • CGI – Perl Scripts, C/C++ code, PHP Scripts
  • Databases – mSQL, MySQL
  • Java – Client, Server, and Applet Programming
  • Dynamic HTML – Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), DHTML

Our rates

Our rates for consulting services are $100/hour. Both of these rates are discounted by 10% for our Web-hosting clients. We work very fast, so our project quotes are quite competitive. If you’d like to discuss a consulting job, please send e-mail to imagiware [at] imagiware.com

  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • Website Traffic 50% 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75% 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60% 60%

The results are amazing

Website consulting means talking, diagnosing, planning, and sometimes even helping you fix stuff. With experts in web consulting and marketing strategies your customers will feel that they are getting the best products on the market, return for more, and promote your brand without further encouraging.