MasterWeb is a “game of logic” that has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. Here, the object is to decipher the code represented by a series of colored balls. There are several features to make the game more or less challenging. When you start a game, each of 4-10 slots will be assigned one of 3-6 colors.

The colors of each slot are chosen randomly; duplicates are allowed.

Possible colors are:

  • Red r,
  • Orange o,
  • Yellow y,
  • Green g,
  • Blue b,
  • Purple p

You will then be given the opportunity to guess what color each ball is using buttons labelled with the first letter of each color. Select colors for each of the slots, then press the button marked Go.

You will then be given clues as to the correctness of your guess. You are given: w A White ball for each ball that is both the right color and in the right position. p A Pink ball for each ball that is the right color, but in the wrong position.

Each of your successive tries and the corresponding clues are listed, so you can examine your previous attempts in order to decipher the code. The game ends when you either win by solving the code, or lose by making 20 incorrect guesses. There is a Scoreboard for recent games.

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