What It Is

What It Is What It Isn’t Nowwwhere is a Web-accessible virtual world with 3-D ray-traced graphics, multi-user interaction, and some animation. There are a bunch of places to explore and a few puzzles to solve. You can take a look at a few previews if you like.

What It Isn’t

Nowwwhere was created in 1995 and, while it was unique then, it is no longer cutting-edge. It’s not nearly as complex or pretty as the recent products of talented teams (like Diablo, Quake, Ultima Online, etc.), but I hope it still has it’s own charm.

Playing Nowwwhere

Everywhere you go you will be shown a first-person view of the world as well as a text description. You can turn off image loading, but then you’ll miss all the pretty graphics. Plus, there are some things that can only be done by clicking on the image. There is an option to choose between “Normal” and “Small” image sizes.

The images look best on displays with lots of colors. If your browser isn’t using enough colors, you can get just download the room image by clicking on the room name; then view it however you like.

After the graphical view and text description, you are given a choice of directions. Press the button for the desired direction, then press the button for the command you want to perform: “Face”, “Move”, or “Exit”. If you are not using Netscape, you will have to select the button for the desired command and then press the “Go” button. If you just want to turn around, you can also click on the desired direction on the compass icon. After selecting an action, your new circumstances will be loaded.

Meeting People

While wandering around Nowwwhere, you can encounter other netizens who are also there. Whenever you enter a location in which others are standing, you will be told their names and what their name-tags say. To change your own name and name-tag, just enter the text in the appropriate fields below the command line. After you “Face” or “Move”, your info will be updated. You can sort-of “converse” this way with the other players since pressing “Face” will also reload the other players’ current info (without moving you to a new room).

However, despite the fact that others have tried it, I never intended the name-tags to be used as “real-time” conversation. The WWW interface just isn’t built for it. Your best bet is to use the name-tags to send each other e-mail addresses and then use e-mail or talk or the like.Note:The name-tag area can also be used to communicate with the game, in case you feel like “saying” something in Nowwwhere.

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Leaving Nowwwhere

When you are done playing Nowwwhere, please use the “Exit Nowwwhere” option. Just backing out or otherwise leaving Nowwhere will leave a ghost behind. That is, other players will still see you since the game doesn’t know that you’ve left. Ghosts are eventually removed from the game, but it’s nice if you remove yourself.


If you see this a question-mark icon, that means something went wrong. This usually happens when you’ve tried to move again before the current page has finished loading. If you see it, try to back up a page or two and move again.