HTML Checker

HTML is a Web page analysis tool which retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds. The primary focus of this tool is to provide a clear, easy-to-use report of information that is relevant for improving your Web page.

HTML Checker is a Web page analysis tool for use over the World Wide Web or across company intranets behind a firewall, deloped by ImagiWare. The main program is written in Perl for easy adaptation to specific tasks. To purchase a license of HTML Checker now go to our Secure Order Form.

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The following features are available in the current release (v6.1) of HTML Checker.
Easy-to-use Web Interface for report configuration
Informative, nicely-formatted report with hyperlinks to additional information.

Fifteen report options:

  • Check the document for spelling errors (provides suggestions for potentially misspelled words)
  • Perform an analysis of the images (size, number of colors, etc.)
  • Test the document structure and flag invalid HTML
  • Examine image syntax (flag missing, but recommended elements)
  • Test browser support of tags used
  • Examine fonts in page to check for cross-platform support
  • Examine table structure
  • Verify that all hyperlinks are valid (for a demo check this page on remote control vibrators with an app)
  • Examine form structure
  • Show command hierarchy
  • Produce a “squished” version of the page
  • Produce a “formatted” version of the page
  • Expand frameset for further testing
  • Check Meta tags for search engine relevance
  • Show cookies set by the page
  • Ability to test Web pages that are password-protected (HTTP Authentication)
  • Site Doctor: Diagnose your entire Web site or a subset of pages. Simply provide a top-level URL to receive a site map showing page connectivity and individual HTML Checker reports for each page. An example is this page on wearable vibrating panties.
  • Online documentation
  • Ability to write custom modules for your own tests
  • Customizable spelling word lists

Availability, Requirements, and Implementation

HTML Checker is available for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 2000, and Solaris operating systems. The base code for the package is written in Perl, a freely-available scripting language commonly used for CGI applications. Below is a list of the pre-installed software which is required to run a fully-functional HTML Checker.

Perl 5.6+

HTML Checker runs under Perl 5.6+. Most Unix and Windows 2000 systems already have Perl installed. If you need it, the most recent version may be obtained from the Perl Home Page. For Solaris and Windows 2000 Platforms, ActiveState Perl is required.

OpenSSL 0.9.6+

In order to support the HTTPS protocol, you must have OpenSSL 0.9.6 or greater installed. This is only necessary for Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris versions. Mac OS X users can install OpenSSL (along with other great software) using Fink.

Implementation of HTML Checker is accomplished with the following steps:

Installation of requisite software (Perl 5.6+). This package must be up and running before proceeding to step 2.

Preparation of your Web server. This includes establishing a Hosting Checker account with the appropriate directory structure, and configuring your HTTPD server to allow HTML Checker to run.

Transfer of HTML Checker to the commercial host machine via HTTP. The Checker will be in a TAR file that has been compressed with gzip. If you do not have to gzip, an uncompressed version is available. Extract HTML Checker from the TAR file into the appropriate directory.

Installation and Configuration of HTML Checker. The code is packaged with a set of installation instructions and a configuration script to make set-up as easy as possible.

Debugging HTML Checker installation problems. While we hope that the package will operate “Out Of The Box”, we have learned to respect Murphy’s law. Be sure to test the program on several Web pages and verify that the reports are being properly generated.

Support Beyond the Installation

Imagiware will fully support the unmodified HTML Checker distribution that is the result of the steps above. However, other modifications of the code will not be supported, and are undertaken at the client’s risk. All of the HTML Checker programs is Copyright 1995 – 2003 by Imagiware, No redistribution of the code, in whole or in part, is permitted. We will offer any technical assistance toward the installation, use, and maintenance of the distributed version of HTML Checker by e-mail to <imagiware [at] imagiware [dot] com>.

In addition, we will provide updates to the distribution as they are available for as long as a current license exists. These updates may involve a complete re-installation of the code to accommodate changes in the code structure and are made at the option of the client.

Billing Information

A single-site license for HTML Checker is available for use on company internal networks for $250. This license entitles the company to operate HTML Checker on its virtual private network.

The local installation may also be used by company employees to test a Web site that is publicly accessible. The license does not permit access to the HTML Checker software over the Internet or WWW or by non-employees of the company purchasing the license.

Technical support and updates of the code will be provided for the term of the license. The license applies to a single machine. If HTML Checker is going to be run on multiple servers, a multiple-use license must be purchased.

Please consult the license agreement for further information. If you are an ISP or Web Hosting company that is interested in providing local access to HTML Checker for your customers, please contact us for licensing options.

The license applies to a single machine. If HTML Checker is going to be run on multiple servers, a multiple-use license must be purchased. Please consult the license agreement for further information. If you are an ISP or Web Hosting company that is interested in providing local access to HTML Checker for your customers, please contact us for licensing options.

Payment for license(s) is due within 14 days of completed installation and can be paid by check payable in U.S. funds to Imagiware or by credit card (Visa and MasterCard). To place an order, please use our Secure Order Form to provide us with your purchasing information (either Purchase order # or Credit card #).

About Imagiware

Our company is a Web Presence Provider and Consulting firm, based in Madison, Wisconsin. Our Web hosting service provides a feature-rich environment for Web page development (including local access to HTML Checker), at prices that will fit any budget.

Samples of our consulting and programming work can be found at Imagiware.

If you are an ImagiWare Web hosting customer, then you have private access to both HTML Checker and the Site Checker. You should go to the URL You will need your Imagiware Support username and password. Try our new GoDaddy Promo Codes!

The Site Checker is a program that is used to examine entire Web sites at once. The program consists of two components: sitemap and Site Checker. The sitemap program produces a map of all the Web pages connected to a top level URL down to a given depth. You then select which pages to diagnose based on the output of sitemap, and the Site Checker program produces reports on the desired documents. A sample set of reports from a Site Checker run from December 4th, 2007 can be viewed here.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of resources consumed by the Site Checker, we can not make this facility available for unrestricted use over the internet. You may purchase a license of Hosting Checker to run on your local Intranet, or you can use our HTML Checker Pro service over the internet to perform site analysis. Local access to the Site Doctor is also provided free-of-charge to our Web Hosting.