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ImagiWare has been committed to providing reliable, fast, and affordable packages for a wide range of customer needs


We start with stress-tested hardware, ensuring that the server is capable of performing well beyond typical service loads.


All of the server loads are monitored to maintain optimal performance for both static and dynamic Web pages.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to provide excellent service at a reasonable price.

Plans and Pricing

We are neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive provider on the Internet. As mentioned above, our servers are fast and reliable. Our support is also top-notch. When you send e-mail, you get a quick response. When you call, we answer the phone. And the support personnel are all well-trained systems administrators capable of actually fixing problems. Imagiware’s Hosting packages are also loaded with additional services, such as Stats, local HTML Checker access, and Mailing List Control Panels, so our low monthly rates are worth every penny!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for either web hosting services or programming. Working with Imagiware has been an extremely positive experience. We have only met in “Cyberspace” or on the telephone, but never in person. I challenge you to find a more honorable, hard-working, reliable place for your site needs. Don’t waste your time, you won’t.
Cynthia Fank

Web Designer, CyberDiet

I just wanted to thank you for what I consider to be an exceptionally fine web hosting service. I have never known your server to be down. But above and beyond the basics you have supplied some services that I certainly did not expect. For instance, the time one of my staff called you at 3:30 in the morning and, for some reason you were actually there, and helped us with an emergency. Also, you have brought some things to my attention that I never would have noticed myself, and which could have resulted in serious problems if you have not given us a “heads up”.
John Grohm

Web Consultant, Grohm & Co.

Thank you Imagiware for your help, support and service over the years. Your promptness and sensitivity to our ever-increasing technical needs are greatly appreciated. We look forward to keep working with you with the constant growth of InterJazz and all of the new and exciting Data Interchange Systems Inc. projects. We were delighted to recommend your service to many of our colleagues. Keep up the good work!
Amet Pelegh

Web Developer, InterJazz


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwidth is a measure of the amount of data transferred over a period of time, such as megabytes per day. Starter accounts include 500 MB/day of bandwidth, enough to cover viewing a typical Web page a few thousand times. Business accounts include 10000 MB/day of bandwidth. Additional bandwidth fees will be applied for transfer of data above this rate.
What is HTML Checker?
This widely acclaimed program will analyze your Web pages and produce an easy-to-read report detailing any problems it found in the HTML code. It also checks your spelling, offers suggestions on missing tags that might affect performance, and tells you how long your page will take to load (with and without the images). Imagiware Web-hosting clients receive not only fast (local) access to the single-page version of HTML Checker, but may also run the Site Checker to analyze many pages at once.
What is Virtual Host?
A Virtual Host enables people to find your Web site directly through your domain name. For example, the URL would point directly at your Web site (as opposed to All of Imagiware’s Web-hosting accounts include one virtual host.
What is MySQL?
A robust, open-source database engine which can be used with CGI scripts (Perl, PHP, Python) to develop dynamic Web site content. Information about MySQL can be found on the official Web site.
What is Server-Side Includes (SSI)?

A server-side include is a special command inside an HTML page that tells the server to perform some action before sending the Web page to the viewer. Examples include writing out the last-modified date of the page, or including the contents of another file. Access to non-executable SSI files (i.e. those that don’t run a CGI program) is available for all Web-hosting accounts. Executable SSI files require personal CGI access.

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