Today Imagiware offers a complete set of services for the needs of growing Web sites. From Web Hosting and Consulting solutions, to development resources such as HTML Checker, ImagiWare can help you get the competitive edge with your Internet presence!

Web Hosting

At Imagiware, we give you a lot more than a bit of server space. We provide a suite of tools to help you build and maintain your Web site. We also back everything with top-notch support so your account questions and changes are dealt with quickly and professionally. Finally, all of these features are available at competitive rates. Check us out, and if you have any questions, please let us know.


As the Internet continues to grow and develop, the complex demands for Web site functionality are ever-increasing. We offer programming and development services to assist you in producing dynamically generated content for your Web site. In the past, such development has included everything from custom shopping scripts and form processors, to mailing list administration and database access.

Tools & Resources

While developing Web sites and CGI scripts, we’ve found a number of tedious tasks that could be best done by a program, such as verifying links, checking HTML syntax and reducing the size of the files. Below is a list of tools we have developed, and some resources which might be useful to Web developers.

Fun & Games

To have a little fun, we’ve written some games that can be played through your Web browser. There seem to be a lot of these programs on the Internet now, but when we were getting started, there weren’t. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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HTML Checker

HTML is a Web page analysis tool which retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds. The primary focus of this tool is to provide a clear, easy-to-use report of information that is relevant for improving your Web page.

Astronomy Tools

The following tools make use of the Skycalendar and Skycalc programs by J. R. Thorstensen. The program was written with the Web interfaces as well as some other code (such as for the Moon Phase) to get what you see here.

Web Browser Usage Statistics

We’ve gathered data from millions of hits to hundreds of Web sites to find out what browsers and operating systems people are using. You can use this information to help decide which browsers to support in your websites.


A multi-user virtual world pre-rendered using the Persistence of Vision Raytracer. While very dated by today’s standards of massively multiplayer online RPGs, when it was written (before Netscape!) it was pretty unique.

The Moon’s Phase

This moon phases calendar tool or moon schedule is an easy way to find out the lunar phase for any given month. Simply select a month and year, and click "Go", and it will show you what the moon will look like for any day that month. The internal phase calculator is...

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HTML Checker

HTML Checker is a Web page analysis tool for use over the World Wide Web or across company intranets behind a firewall, deloped by ImagiWare. The main program is written in Perl for easy adaptation to specific tasks. To purchase a license of HTML Checker now go to our...

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Mancala games are among those ancient games that last and last because the rules to play are simple, but the subtleties of winning take a long time to master. My Mancala is one version of these games, also called Kalaha. This particular incarnation uses computer...

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Web Puzzler

Welcome to the Web Puzzler. After you select an image from the list below, you will be shown the puzzle. Try to solve the puzzle by rearranging the pieces. Switch any two pieces by selecting the corresponding buttons below the image. Only the first two pieces (from...

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MasterWeb is a "game of logic" that has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. Here, the object is to decipher the code represented by a series of colored balls. There are several features to make the game more or less challenging. When you start a...

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The Triangle Puzzle

The object of this puzzle is to remove all but one ball from the board. To remove a ball, you must jump over another ball into an empty spot. While playing, you can use the minus and plus keys to move backward and forward,respectively, through your recent moves. To...

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What It Is What It Is What It Isn't Nowwwhere is a Web-accessible virtual world with 3-D ray-traced graphics, multi-user interaction, and some animation. There are a bunch of places to explore and a few puzzles to solve. You can take a look at a few previews if you...

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Today Imagiware offers a complete set of services for the needs of growing Web sites. From Web Hosting and Consulting solutions, to development resources such as HTML Checker, Imagiware can help you get the competitive edge with your Internet presence!